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Marine Cargo Insurance

Poseidon Forwarding Co., Inc. recognizes the need for comprehensive, competitively priced insurance coverage for your international shipping needs. In order to minimize your risk we are able to offer cargo insurance to all of our customers through our open policy insuring against loss and damage.


It is our belief that every shipper should understand the potential liabilities and risks associated with their shipments in order to understand the benefits of insuring their cargo. We are able to offer our customers the knowledge and advice to help minimize their potential exposure.

Competitive Rates

Our insurance provider understands the special requirements and increased risk often associated with international shipments and allows us to secure the most comprehensive coverage for your cargo at the lowest rates.

Comprehensive Coverage

In addition to the low rates we offer our customers, the ″warehouse to final warehouse coverage″ our policy provides offers protection against the threat of loss from most all adverse occurrences. We are also able to provide you with specialized coverage, including extended coverage at destination warehouse, project cargo, restricted destinations, etc. should your shipments require. Our insurance agents are the best in the business.

Full Service Processing

When you allow Poseidon Forwarding Co., Inc. to issue your insurance coverage along with the additional documents that are required, you will minimize the potential for additional costs associated with the occurrence of consistency errors. It will also allow us to expedite the processing of any claims that are filed, as we will have all of the relevant documents necessary.