Poseidon Forwarding Company, Inc.

Our Services

Freight Forwarding

Poseidon Forwarding Co., Inc. offers unparalleled service and expertise in the specialized forwarding of refrigerated foodstuffs. Our staff members are proficient in all aspects of Ocean Freight Forwarding. Assessing the freight market, managing service and rate negotiations, making bookings, and producing all required documentation are inclusive aspects of this service. Our standards of service include the preparation and filing of accurate documentation in a timely manner.


Our team understands the complexities of export transactions. The combined vast experience translates into decreased uncertainty in your international business. Our professionals evaluate transportation and distribution requirements to provide cost effective and efficient solutions tailored specifically to our customers′ business plan.


Our internal systems allow us to completely customize reports and tailor documents to your company′s and your customers′ individual requirements. We also provide online bill of lading processing and AES entry on all required shipments.

Logistics & Transportation

Our knowledge on physical distribution and movement of your cargo goes beyond the selection of a carrier with competitive rates, to actual freight contract negotiations. We look at the entire process for your international transaction and then look for improvements individually as well as collectively. Our expert team can arrange, dispatch, and monitor your freight from origin to destination. We have long and successful relationships with specialized carriers who understand the intricacies and timeliness of moving your refrigerated cargo in the most cost effective manner possible.


We offer full service to our customers which also includes the collection, production and distribution of all required documents to insure your product is not only expertly delivered, but paid for in a complete and timely manner as well. We are experienced in all forms of international collections, and have excellent working relationships with all banks in the U.S. We are experts in handling letters of credit and can advise you in advance on the terms that will benefit your company the most. We also coordinate document notarization, consularization and legalization, as well as USDA certificate revisions.